Treats are so important in training your Goldendoodle puppy ,but to many treats can be very unhealthy . I take a very small treat and break it up 4 times so that’s 4 rewards . Goldendoodles are very food driven so that’s why it is important not to over feed them, and boy do they have the puppy dog eyes . I would also make your own treats . Dehydrated liver , chicken , apples , sweet potatoes, bananas and green beans to name just some . Heat the oven to 170 place on a wire rack on a cookie sheet cook for 8 to 12 hours . Blot our excess moisture with a paper towel . When they have cooled put in air tight container can be refrigerated use within a week or freeze them and take out what you want to use for the day . This way you don’t have to worry about the ingredients they are all fresh 🙂 have fun training your pup and have confidence you are doing the very best for them .