Let’s talk Genetics some of my breeding parents have been tested using PawPrint genetics, some using Embark Vet and of course OFA for hips and knees . I had done a Wisdom Panel done on one of mine because I did not have a lot of her back ground. I did test her through PawPrint so I knew she was not affected with any major genetic issues but then I heard about Wisdom panel. It would tell me how much golden and how much poodle and it came back she had 12.5 % hound group so of course I was so mad.  I was ready to call the breeder I got her from and give her a piece of my mind, but I said no I’m a Christian so I will call the company to see what they say. What I found out was they base there DNA out of the registry, say like AKC or your Canadian CKC, so was not a good idea to use Wisdom Panel for mixed breeds. They said I should use embark vet because they go based on the actual DNA of the dog. So we go in for the 3rd swab. Bella came back 50% golden and 50% poodle.. Moral of this story if you have any questions please message me. I can help you to save you some money. Make sure you are using the correct dna testing. Yes, it will be cool to get your results but please use Embark Vet . Have a great Sunday everyone ❤️ https://embarkvet.com/