We are hoping in the future within the next 2 years to have more minis available. Penny and Louie (testing will need to clear first) will be our first. Will be breeding at the end of 2020 beginning of 2021, everyone has wanted cream/apricot back well this couple will be the one to produce them ❤️Louie comes from Kentucky and has already past his genetic panel and Penny has passed through Parents. These will be multigenerational Goldendoodles. We have Sasha to but we have a ways to go on her. We also hope to introduce a medium Goldendoodle from Daisy’s litter a multigenerational mini/medium Goldendoodle from Maine and a mini from Molly’s last litter. Wow, we will have a house full then that will complete us by the time most of these are ready to be added to the program most current ones will be retired. I like to retire early so they have many years of retirement 🙂 Happy 2020 everyone. We will have one litter of Minis in the Spring but her list is full.