Everyone is home you got a new puppy yay! Your days are filled with playing napping eating more playing more napping eating it’s great . Then all this is over and everyone goes back to work , schools and daycare . Now here is your 4 – 6 month old puppy who’s life has been revolves around the family now everyone is gone . During this time of being home try to make life for that puppy the way it will be when things go back to normal . Put his/her kennel away from where ever you are just remember that’s where you will leave it when you go back to work for the first week . And put the puppy in there for a couple hours a couple times a day , you can even play music for him/her . Another thing you can do since they are not around other people play dress up and pretend to be someone else . Knock on the door . Think of what your life was before all this happened and try to make it somewhat that for your puppy . Things will get better I know it will 🙂