Puppies are here

English Goldendoodles are here !!! We have puppies available . These cuties will be ready to go home in March and will be 40 to 60 pounds . Go to next steps to fill out questionnaire.

Contact information and 2022

Contact information and 2022

The best way to contact Lake Road Doodles is to email me at lakeroaddoodles@gmail.com about future Goldendoodle Puppies.

Here is what we have coming up in 2022.

Mini Goldendoodle we are planning for summer 2 litters and Fall 1 litter.

Medium Goldendoodles 1 Litter Summertime

Small Standard coming Up January 40 to 60 Pounds English Cream Goldendoodles

We will be having AKC English Golden Retrievers by the end of 2022.

As of now this is what we have planned. Please email me so we can get you a questionnaire and Deposit down.



As Facebook gets more unstable please follow our website we will at least update ones every couple weeks with updates and how things are going . If you need us at all please email us at lakeroaddoodles@gmail.com

Look at some of the great stuff we use at Lake Road Doodles .

We love Kuranda Dog Beds. We always were replacing beds until we found these beds. Click Here to our site to see how you can get one .

Another one we use alot her is Thieves Cleaner its the safest for my Pets and me Click Here to order .

Baxter and Bella has been so helpful during COVID and so helpful with problem arise , Like potty training , nipping ,barking etc. Click Here and use LAKEROAD to get 25% off Lifetime membership.

We have really enjoyed all the benefits to a wonderful holistic food Life Abundance . wonderful coats , great health that’s what is all about. Click Here to order yours and explore and compare to yours.

PawTree has wonderful holistic products for all sorts of things. I love their Chillax , Ear wash and Ear Dryer , the Urine Eliminator is awesome. Click Here to order .


A day and life at Lake Road Doodles !!

A day and life at Lake Road Doodles !!

Here is a touch of what we do everyday. We brush them ,clip nails ,give lots of kisses and teach them how to be easy (they really try ) we have started something new we now feed Life abundance to our puppies we still believe Fromm Gold is a excellent food this is a step up . I love the way it breaks down when i soak it , that’s a good way to see if it Digest good. I have food soak seems like forever and still hard this breaks right down in no time.Our Doggies system is different than ours and I love that they are using what’s going in.  I never realize Life Abundance carried a whole line of products even for us so one stop shop for me I love  that. we use life Abundance all stage Dog Food other things I have tried and really was impressed with is Turkey Heart Treats ,Buffalo Bully Sticks ,3 Omega, Shampoo smells amazing  and of course the Ear cleaner. here is the site to order from http://lifesabundance.com/lakeroaddoodles . If you have any questions about Litters coming up just message me . You can tell by the Pictures that the food has done wonders . Thank You for visiting .


Just a thought …….

Everyone is home you got a new puppy yay! Your days are filled with playing napping eating more playing more napping eating it’s great . Then all this is over and everyone goes back to work , schools and daycare . Now here is your 4 – 6 month old puppy who’s life has been revolves around the family now everyone is gone . During this time of being home try to make life for that puppy the way it will be when things go back to normal . Put his/her kennel away from where ever you are just remember that’s where you will leave it when you go back to work for the first week . And put the puppy in there for a couple hours a couple times a day , you can even play music for him/her . Another thing you can do since they are not around other people play dress up and pretend to be someone else . Knock on the door . Think of what your life was before all this happened and try to make it somewhat that for your puppy . Things will get better I know it will 🙂