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Minis Available

We have Males and Females Available they will be ready to go home September 14th 2022. These are Lake Road Doodles Minis that have been breed down slowly. We have the great grandmother and the grandmonther still with us the Great Grandmother is 9 years old and a AKC...

Upcoming Litters

Please look at our Upcoming Litters Page has been Updated 🙂

Happy 4th of July !!!

We want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July 🙂 Be safe and don’t forget to check out our upcoming page more Minis coming and a few more spots left 🙂

Minis are here 🙂

Mini goldendoodles are here we I’ll have Males available. Please visit our Nursery for questionnaire.

Look at some of the great stuff we use at Lake Road Doodles .

We love Kuranda Dog Beds. We always were replacing beds until we found these beds. Click Here to our site to see how you can get one . Another one we use alot her is Thieves Cleaner its the safest for my Pets and me Click Here to order . Baxter and Bella has been so...

A day and life at Lake Road Doodles !!

A day and life at Lake Road Doodles !!

Here is a touch of what we do everyday. We brush them ,clip nails ,give lots of kisses and teach them how to be easy (they really try ) we have started something new we now feed Life abundance to our puppies we still believe Fromm Gold is a excellent food this is a...

Just a thought …….

Everyone is home you got a new puppy yay! Your days are filled with playing napping eating more playing more napping eating it’s great . Then all this is over and everyone goes back to work , schools and daycare . Now here is your 4 - 6 month old puppy who’s life has...

Getting Ready For the Groomer

Getting Ready For the Groomer

We make it a point when puppies are with us to gear them up for the groomer they will be visiting every 4 to 6 weeks so wanted to give you somethings to do to continue when you receive your furbaby . Handle your puppy everyday. Get him accustomed to touch playing with...

BAXTER & Bella

BAXTER & Bella

Lake Road Doodles is so excited to partner with BAXTER & Bella Puppy Training. And you can also become a member and use code LAKEROAD for a discount . They where sharing a few things you can do during this COVID- 19 to socialize your puppy. they have so much more...

Puppy Must Have is up and Running……

We have a Puppy Must Haves up and running you will find it in the Menu. I will be adding stuff to the store all the time so always check back from time to time . These are things I use for my dogs and puppies and have had great success with. So stock up before that...


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