A little about us :


Hi my name is Shara Lynn Jones most people know me as just Lynn 🙂 I am the owner of Lake Road Doodles. My husband Curtis Jones plays a vital role in making Lake Road Doodle a success.My goal is to raise the most healthy and lovable Goldendoodles Puppies in North Carolina .we are a Blue Ribbon Breeder with Goldendoodle Association of North America  , also recognized as a Excellent Breeder with Good Dog .  We are located in Hertford NC less then a hour to Virginia and the Outer Banks ( OBX) . I have been breeding Goldendoodles in Hertford NC for  10 years First my compassion for goldendoodles started with the love of both breeds . Golden Retriever and Poodles . That’s  when Lake Road Doodles was formed .You can contact us anytime at 252-339-5556 or lakeroaddoodles@gmail.com


Goldendoodle Puppy and Parents of Lake Road Doodles :


       We have  F1, F1b, and Multi Generation (F1bb) Standard, Medium, and Miniature Goldendoodles. Our Puppies are raised for family pets, Therapy or Service. Lake Road Doodles has  connections with great trainers. Lake Road Doodles uses Baxter and Bella online school for a lot of our training .

         Our goldendoodle puppies are raised indoors around everyday household noises, around other pets and children. They are well socialized little goldendoodle puppies and love being around people.

          All our pets go to Pasquotank Animal Hospital in Elizabeth City, NC and Edinburgh Animal Hospital in Chesapeake VA. Our puppies are wormed  every 2 weeks until they go home. Puppies will be taken to the vet at 7 weeks. For a complete exam and puppy vaccine.Microchip and well exam. Also go home with a wonderful puppy package that includes things to make the transition easy all this will go into a wonderful Lake Road Doodle bag.

          Puppies go home at 8 to 12 weeks of age. Parents are Genetic  testing through PawPrint Genetics , Embark and  OFA .You have a 2 year guarantee for any genetics we test for .

         We want you to stay connected! Lake Road Doodles has a Facebook group called Lake Road Doodles Family please join it . Will be a safe place to share photos and questions. Only Lake Road Doodle puppy parents are in the group . You can keep up with siblings and post pictures as the puppies grow! You can contact me anytime with questions.


How ever do I Pick !

   You will get to pick your puppy out at 7 weeks old . I will contact you to pick a time to come by . If you are unable to come ,we can video chat or I can send pics and videos of ones available. You will see a lot of pictures and videos. From birth to the big day , will probably already have one in mind .


Our Warranty

You will have 72 hours to take your new puppy to your Vet for a complete well exam . This is a vital step for your warranty  . Warranty is for 2 years against Genetic disorders we test for . You will need to wait a year to spay/neuter.