Here is a touch of what we do everyday. We brush them ,clip nails ,give lots of kisses and teach them how to be easy (they really try ) we have started something new we now feed Life abundance to our puppies we still believe Fromm Gold is a excellent food this is a step up . I love the way it breaks down when i soak it , that’s a good way to see if it Digest good. I have food soak seems like forever and still hard this breaks right down in no time.Our Doggies system is different than ours and I love that they are using what’s going in.  I never realize Life Abundance carried a whole line of products even for us so one stop shop for me I love  that. we use life Abundance all stage Dog Food other things I have tried and really was impressed with is Turkey Heart Treats ,Buffalo Bully Sticks ,3 Omega, Shampoo smells amazing  and of course the Ear cleaner. here is the site to order from . If you have any questions about Litters coming up just message me . You can tell by the Pictures that the food has done wonders . Thank You for visiting .