Getting Ready For the Groomer

Getting Ready For the Groomer

We make it a point when puppies are with us to gear them up for the groomer they will be visiting every 4 to 6 weeks so wanted to give you somethings to do to continue when you receive your furbaby .

Handle your puppy everyday. Get him accustomed to touch

playing with his/her ears

rubbing his/her belly

touching every paw pad between the toes

lifting the sides of his/her mouth to see his teeth stick finger on the teeth or dog tooth brush

Massaging his/her body

running your hand down his/her tail

These are all places a groomer will need to touch when they visit you  could go farther then that, go to you tube look up Dog Blow Dryer and even play it while doing these exercise.

BAXTER & Bella

BAXTER & Bella

Lake Road Doodles is so excited to partner with BAXTER & Bella Puppy Training. And you can also become a member and use code LAKEROAD for a discount . They where sharing a few things you can do during this COVID- 19 to socialize your puppy. they have so much more head over to  

to find out more fun stuff you can do with your pup 🙂

Your Family

  • Focus on building a bond with your puppy. It is important your puppy learns to trust you and every member of your family. Play impulse control games together (see PAWSfit games), engage everyone in short training sessions, practice learned behaviors in every room of your home as well as in your yard outside.   

Dress Up Time

  • Right now it is difficult to meet people who look differently than you so…pull out the Halloween costumes and get creative! Wigs, capes, gloves, masks, hats, goggles, crutches, canes…whatever you can find to look differently.