Steps to getting your puppy

First, make sure you are mentally and financially ready, puppies can be a handful. But man the reward is worth it in the end ❤️ Goldendoodle puppies or any puppy has to make several visits to the vet for their complete series of puppy vaccines they go home with one vaccine and several worming. It’s important to have your pup checked for worms in the first 72 hours because the stress of everything new can release worms and could possibly have them so the first 72-hour checkup is important. Then it’s just important to find a groomer or learn to do it your self to have Goldendoodles groomed can be pricy, and starting young is important so it’s something they are used to and not scared of. We at Lake Road Doodles take Zelle, square, Apple Pay or Cash. And all paperwork can be filled out right online. Starting 2020 we will accept deposit but puppies will not be picked out till older. I’m so excited to work with you and for you to be part of our Lake Road Doodle Family 😘 so head over to our available puppies and see what we have 🙂

What’s on the horizon at LRD

Besides having some beautiful babies available now all sizes we have some new mamas coming up . We are finishing up testing and so far all genetic panels have been spot on . Working on hearts and so far all normal . With that being said are puppies are 1500.00. So here is what we have in the months ahead .

1. Medium Goldendoodle projected for January they will be F1b Dam Kaylie Sire Buddy.

2. Standard size F1 Goldendoodles for January if Sadie’s Genetics come back good  Dam Sadie Sire still looking for Mr Right 🙂

3. F1bb Standard Size Goldendoodles for April Dam Missy or Daisy sure yet to be determined.

4. F1b Mini Goldendoodles April Dam Molly Sire Buddy